Intelligent Website Design and Development

A Selection of our Clients and Projects

FIM Capital Ltd

FIM Capital Ltd: Corporate website

The first of two new websites for FIM Capital Ltd.

We worked with FIM Capital's selected designer to deliver a sleek, easily updated website that looks good on devices from desktop to mobile.

The CIPR Conversation

Chartered Institute of Public Relations: The Conversation

Redesign, development and deployment of "The Conversation": aggregated and commissioned interactive, multimedia and written Public Relations content curated by the CIPR.

War of the Words

Folkestone Community: War of the Words and Sandgate Business Forum

Prater Raines have been delighted to help a variety of Folkestone and Sandgate organisations with their web presence: from sites for the Sandgate Business Forum to a H G Wells "War of the Words" Exhibition and Shop.

Kent Recovery website (Kent Recovery

Kent Recovery: Website Re-design

Kent Recovery's pre-existing website had display problems in some browsers and performed badly in Google.We re-designed the site to make offer clearer, work well from desktop to mobile and to be easier to find in search engines.

Radical Middle Way website campaign page

Radical Middle Way: Website rebuild

Prater Raines were proud to be selected to redevelop this multimedia-rich website for Islamic campaign organisation Radical Middle Way.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations website home page

Chartered Institute of Public Relations: Support of existing website and online applications

For over three years Prater Raines have supported the CIPR web site portfolio: supplying dedicated hosting, helpdesk support, site development and dealing with third-party online suppliers.


Seymour Transport website home page

Seymour Transport: Online business management software

Prater Raines has enjoyed working closely with this road haulage company on business analysis in addition to website design and bespoke software development.

Gurkha Justice Campaign home page

Gurkha Justice Campaign: Online petition

Our specially-created petition site for the successful Joanna Lumley-led Gurkha Justice Campaign needed to be fast and robust. Interviews with Al Murray generate a lot of interest!

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland website home page

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland: National party website

Since 2005 Prater Raines has provided the party's high traffic national website and the party leader David Ford's site.

Lib Dem Image website category list page

Lib Dem Image: E-commerce website

Our easily updateable but budget-conscious online shop for Lib Dem Image includes payment integration, secure checkout, and authentication of party members for restricted products.


Tim Farron's Liberal Democrats website home page

Liberal Democrats: Hosted website system for party groups and individuals

Since 2002 Prater Raines has provided this fully featured content management system, designed from the ground up with the unique needs of British Liberal Democrat organisations and parliamentarians in mind.